Pacquo discovered, in early childhood, a love for all things creative and immediately began expressing his ideas through painting. Today, this passion continues to drive his artistic journey, shaping a successful career as a Hair & Make Up Artist. Pacquo's reputation for innovation, creativity, attention to detail and passion for his work allows him to collaborate with the photographic and TVC production industry, media outlets and performance shows a like. He has crafted a signature style that seamlessly blends classic elements with experimental flair. With Pacquo, beauty becomes an art form, and every face becomes a canvas for a captivating story. Based in Berlin since 2015 Pacquo is now adding Cape Town as his stay-on destination of his choice for his work life.

Pacquo's determined and friendly character makes him a valuable team member to any project he is involved in. 

Languages: German / English

Question to Pacquo : What's one item you can't leave home without?

Answer : In the spirit of Vogue's:  In the bag series, I'd like to introduce you to a little treasure of mine - ''Pacquo's Secrets of Beauty.''   I have created this magical balm, with a blend of carefully curated ingredients, including the rejuvenating essence of orange leaves, the nourishing power of almond oil, the revitalising touch of green coffee, the hydrating benefits of squalane and more... (some of my formula, should remain undisclosed). This personalised creation is the key to unlocking radiant beauty and is never far away from my side.