Practical, down to earth but still a true creative. Shelly Bergh is a stylist known for being organised and structured in her approach. She is a Prop & Decor Stylist and Art Director who loves to think on her feet. Her path to Styling began with a degree in Fine Arts, followed by an employment  as a fabricator, working for the entertainment industry in South Africa and London. Later on Shelly accepted work as a scenic painter on movie sets. This work experience allows her today to design sets, follow creative briefs and work with set builders, knowing what can and can't be done. Shelly can draw plans, has a good eye at judging scale and size and can lead an art department team. She enjoys being given the snip of an idea and allowed to build a story, at the same time she is able to work closely to a director's / client's brief.


Sine 2004 Shelly has mastered a strong presence in the photographic / stills industry which has allowed her to create a diverse client base. Shelly's client list includes H&M Home, Vogue Italia, Marks&Spencers (UK), Homebase (UK) and Local Clients i.e. Woolworths, Duram Paint, Builders Warehouse, RCS, Ponds SA, PEP and many more.


Shelly truly enjoys the experience and courage to make something unique and new for each client and project she is involved in.

Question to Shelly: What’s one of your favorite memories from the past year?

Answer: Spending the day with my trans daughter getting ready for her matric (prom) dance - she looked drop dead gorgeous, and it was so amazing to see her transform into the beautiful girl she has become.