Kirstin is a passionate, dedicated and organised individual. After completing a Bachelor of Technology Degree in Fashion Design and a Diploma in Marketing, Kirstin worked in the magazine world for 3 years. This is where Kirstin was introduced to fashion styling. With talented mentors Kirstin then progressed into the freelance styling world. She enjoys working with various brands and getting to know each company and client. Adjusting to the individual needs, she aims to approach each project and challenge with the best of her abilities. Kirstin is always open to learn and grow with every task and project assigned. Over time Kirstin has gained plenty of experience in Fashion, Wardrobe, Props and Product Styling. Kirstin performs well in management positions. She is extremely organised. And at the same time a great team player with shared responsibilities.

Question to Kirstin : What do you do to turn things around when you're having a bad day?

Answer : Bad days are inevitable and sometimes you just need to let them be, but it's tough to do that when you constantly work around people and need to keep your wits about you. Currently, I am trying this thing where I ask myself 'Can the situation be changed?' If the answer is Yes, i try to sort it out. If No, I say that the situation is out of my hands, and worrying about it or letting it affect my mood will not change the outcome. That, along with a cup of tea and some good music usually turns my frown upside down