Kiara Spreeth

Kiara Spreeth is a young Hair and Make Up Artist who has joined Gloss in 2022, after she completed her professional Make Up training at Kohl Academy in Cape town. Kiara shows a deeper interest in her trade and has refined her skills by working in a established hair salon in Cape Town. This young talent has proven to have a diverse and artistic talent when it comes to the application of Make Up. Her friendly and always positive manner has allowed her to quickly become a desired team member to some of Cape Town’s leading Hair and Make Up Artists. Kiara's focus is to constantly up her skill set to be able to offer a diverse range of clients in the photographic and TVC industry her services. 

Question to Kiara : What's one thing you're learning now or learned recently?

Answer :  I've recently started a traineeship in a hair salon to improve and broaden my skill set. This will help me to grow and achieve the big and ambitious dreams in my life. I aways love learning more about what I do and how I can improve.