Miriam Kristal Schwarz

Miriam’s interest in hair and make up was cemented from a young age when she was a ballet dancer. Miriam’s passion in Hair and Make Up aesthetics developed further as time went by. Very soon it became evident that she wanted to become a professional Hair and Make Up Artist. Miriam completed her education in Germany with a diploma at Pro Academy. Her training has allowed Miriam to refine and diversify her skill set in her trade. She enjoys the constant changing creative environment on set, to gain growth and inspiration.  

Miriam's clients in fashion retail, e-commerce, advertising and rolling camera describe her as an attentive talent with good people skills, always calm and friendly attitude, even under pressure.

Miriam is bilingual (German /  English) 

Question to Miriam : What's something you saw recently that made you smile?

Answer : I ordered a Nutella Pizza (I thought I would get an average Pizza) but they made me a Pizza-heart. The guy said because I looked kind of sad. This made me smile recently :)