Giovanna has always been captivated by the art of make-up & hairstyling from a young age. Observing family members and friends refining their “look” for work, a night out or a special ocasion has created the desire for her to work in the creative field of hair and make up. She has achieved a professional qualification in make-up artistry and has  furthered her skill set with 2 years work experience within a hair salon working alongside senior hair stylists. Creative highlights for Giovanna has been her involvement with Vogue Italia ( Digital Magazine) and editorial productions for GQ magazine.Giovanna is a believer in always evolving, learning new techniques and looking into trends. She is a professional individual who enjoys teamwork and clear communication. Her approach to work comes with respect to all other people and their roles on set. Giovanna believes in a little cheerfulness to produce beautiful work together. She has been part of the photographic and rolling camera production industry for the past 10years.


Question to Giovanna : What's the top destination on your must-visit list?

Answer : Tokyo is a place I would love to visit.