Jordan Potgieter

Jordan Potgieter, hailing from the vibrant city of Cape Town is a gifted stylist and costume designer known for his ability to tell stories through clothing. His meticulous attention to detail and dedication to meeting the unique needs of each client or project are strengths that shine on any set, whether it's for an editorial shoot or a commercial production.


His passion for local fashion brands is evident in his styling choices, reflecting a deep appreciation for South African design.With a background in fashion design, Jordan has a solid understanding of clothing construction, which has inspired him to pursue his own brand in the near future.His creative journey has also led him to the world of film, as Head of Costume for ‘The Catacombs’, a short film about a 1960s nightclub in the Mother City. Have a story to tell? Jordan can help you elevate it.

Jordan's friendly and positive "can-do" attitude makes him a favorite among every client and team he collaborates with.