Natalie started her working career as a fashion, wardrobe and props stylist after she completed her education in Interior Design. Her studies furnished Natalie with a keen eye for design, a great understanding of colour theory and trends. She has been working for over 10 years as a key stylist in the photographic and tv production industry. Natalie has matured into a very well rounded talent, she is confident working on the fashion, wardrobe side and experienced as a props stylist. Her work experience in South Africa - between Cape Town and Johannesburg and neighbouring country Namibia has created a well diverse and adaptable talent. Natalie has a great understanding for international trends and at the same time a great concept what her African clients desire. She is currently based in Cape Town but is available and open to work in Johannesburg and Namibia. Natalie’s friendly character, eager to work, great communication skills and ‘go getter, can do” attitude has allowed her to create loyal client base.

Question to Natalie: What book, movie, music, etc. changed your outlook on life?

Answer : Definately Wes Anderson's movies: I imagine a world through his lens.