Neveen is a dedicated and truly talented Hair & Make-up Artist that has been part of the Photographic and TV Commercial industry for almost a decade. She is, on regular and constant basis, facilitating Fashion, Retail, Advertising, Lifestyle & Editorial clients both locally in South Africa as well as abroad (Europe). Neveen has been commissioned for brands - Anthropologie, Mark’s & Spencer’s, Adidas and Nivea to name a few. She is confident being part of larger productions where there are a high volume of cast. Her editorial worked has been featured in “Tank” (UK) magazine and “Costume Dk” and various independent local and international magazines. Neveen has always been reviewed with a high standing. She is a friendly and easy going Talent that works well in maintaining the vision that the client holds.

Question to Neveen : If you could choose a superpower, what would it be?

Answer : To be able to teleport and save money on flights and see the world!