Stephy Hansen started her journey as a fashion stylist ten years ago.Since then she has always been able to work in her field of expertise. In 2014 Stephy graduated as a fashion designer at the university Fd moda - LCI Barcelona and in 2017 she  added her post-graduate degree in visual merchandising, achieved at MJM Graphic design Paris to her list of qualifications.


Over the past 10 years Stephy has worked in different parts of the fashion industry. As a freelancer she has worked for fashion magazines, audiovisual media and personal image consultancy for models and actors. Stephy's career has led her to style campaigns for an array of notable brands such as Alme Paris or Clemence et Margaux .Furthermore she has extensive experience in e-commerce, she worked as a senior stylist for the international  fashion brand ESPRIT. 


Stephy's friendly domina and her structured approach to every job make her a favourable asset to all clients she works with.

Languages : English / French and Spanish

Question to Stephy : What's your favourite sports team to root for?
Answer : Nadal or Alcaraz in tennis. The French national team in football. And if I want to remain married, South African Rugby.