Christian Berndt

Inspired by his love of fashion and passionate ambition to elevate the quality of creative service in the photographic and TVC industry, Christian Berndt was instrumental in the birth of Gloss Artist Management. As the operation, Chris believes in innovative and credible solutions to Fashion Styling and Hair & Make-Up demands. With years of experience as a fashion stylist in South Africa, Europe and America, Chris knows the field inside out and deeply understands the nature of creative challenges.

Based on Christian’s solid foundation in business and honest character, Gloss is managed with integrity and identified by the intention to accommodate clients with effective service. Christian’s strong attention to detail and ‘always ready for a challenge’ attitude inspires confidence in local and international clients alike.

Courtney Shepherd

Courtney grew up in East London, in the Eastern Cape. She studied Public Relations at Nelson Mandela Metropolitan University and made the decision to move to Cape Town in 2013. She has always had a knack for dealing with people and found that Cape Town was the best place to accomplish her goals of expanding her future.

Courtney enjoys new challenges, taking on new tasks and also pushing her limitations.

In her free time, she likes being down to earth -venturing outdoors and tending to her organic veggie garden.

Courtney brings forth happiness and positive energy and this comes through in her work.

She is a kind hearted young lady that always comes up on top, no matter what is thrown at her – nothing is too big or small to handle!